MU Optik has been established for many years, and famous with our expert fitting prescription glasses skills, and also the professional services. Besides, we are using the advance technology for lenses making. Therefore, we have become one of the trustworthy optical brand to the customers.

With a view to develop our business, we decided to establish branches. We provide various types of frames and lenses to fulfill the needs of the customers. 
Moreover, we are aggressive and innovating as to make sure all aspects of the are company getting better and better. Furthermore, we have formulated a series of rules and regulations of standardization in eye examination, frame fitting, repairing and etc. and these have becoming the management peculiarities.


- To deliver the excellent services to our valued customers.

- Being the brand of choice for the mass market in the optical field.

- We care for you.


Industry Experience

Chan Yaw Choo, is the Executive Director in MU OPTIK since formation of this company in early 2010.

He is involved in operations of all business units for MU OPTIK, consider as one of our key members and business partners within the group, to expand and grow the business. YC Chan has been very active in setting up new businesses, operations planning and creation of marketing strategies for all the retail chains within the group.

He also has operating experience in the eye care and optical industry for more than 20 years.